• By James and Mia Best

    By James and Mia Best

    Brave Little Dave

    A Fun Reminder of the 23rd Psalm

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    Brave Little Dave

    Lessons on Friendship, Bullying and Prayer

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  • On Site Library Readings

    On Site Library Readings

    Brave Little Dave

    Schedule a reading with young children packaged with workshop activities


A Fun Reminder of The 23rd Psalm

A new book by James & Mia Best on prayer, friendship, trust & bullying

It's Reading Time

It's Reading Time

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Libraries, Churches, Schools, Special Events. Introduce Brave Little Dave to your youth anytime during the year. Watch their creativity expand through reading, drawing and writing.

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Purchase Your Book Today

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Buy in bulk for your youth program or purchase one for that special person.

Can a sheep become friends with a gorllia?

In the big heart of a little boy named David one did. Brave Little Dave is always ready for adventure as he sets out with his galoshes, football helmet, large toy sword and backpack. But it's the prayer that his mother taught him that he finds the most useful when he comes face-to-face with a gorilla whose fashion style is as impressive as his size and strength.

For Young Readers

For Young Readers

Excited About Reading?

Most kids are. Give them an early head start on books. For Young Readers ages 3-12 Great learning material for parents and teachers to discuss the importance of prayer and friendship.

A Great Book for Boys

A Great Book for Boys

Spend Some Quality Time with Him

Brave Little Dave prepares young boys to be fearless and quick to pray. Make the effort to read & pray with your son everyday. Make Brave Little Dave a part of that experience.

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